What is it?

An industry first, the new ESORSE HYBRID Pay-Direct Health Benefit Card allows regulated practitioners to file claims electronically and be reimbursed in real time. And, because it’s also a VISA® Pre-Paid Card, any practice can start accepting it today! You can dramatically build your business while strengthening client relationships - all without any additional hardware, software or staff retraining.

How does it work?

The ESORSE HYBRID Card has been designed from the ground up to be simple, secure & convenient - both for you and your clients. Here's a typical scenario:

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Why should you watch for and accept the ESORSE Pay Direct Card?

Quite simply, it's a tremendous way to build your business - all with no cost, commitment or hassles for you. All you need is a computer and a POS terminal to swipe the card.

  1. Patients today are seeking the most convenient method of payment for the medical services or related products purchased that minimizes their out-of-pocket expenses and eliminates the time delay in receiving reimbursement that is common under the majority of benefit plans today. 

  2. The Health Care Professional service provider and product supplier can receive immediate confirmation of the eligibility of a submitted claim.

  3. The Health Care Professional service provider and/or product supplier can receive a guarantee of immediate payment in real-time for their eligible services/products.

  4. The Health Care Professionals and product suppliers can become members of an Esorse Associate Provider Network (EAPN) that will assist in developing new and expanded business opportunities for them. 

  5. Esorse will be developing a list of APN members by community across Canada of registered Regulated Health Care Professionals and product suppliers that can be accessed by cardholders to enable them to secure services from an associated service provider or vendor where their Esorse Hybrid Pay-Direct Health Card will be accepted thus minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. 

  6. It is essentially the same system that has been in use with Pharmacists and Dentists for many years, but now the Esorse Hybrid Pay-Direct Health Card has a multi-function capability that reduces paper claims handling and results in immediate real-time claim adjudication and payment for Regulated Health Care Professionals and product/service suppliers not available from any other card provider.


How It Works